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Cheese, Glorious, Glorious Cheese

I love cheese. Adore it. I just finished eating a sandwich. It would not have been a proper sandwich without cheese. Fresh bread, black olive spread, hummus, butter and… cheese.

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Recipe: Calzone

A’ight, mofos. This boy’s gonna COOK.

I sometimes mention that I make my own pizza/calzone from scratch. This is typically followed by statements such as:

  • LMFAO you have a penis, you can’t cook!
  • What brand frozen pizza do you use?
  • So you order Domino’s… what do you add to the pizza after it arrives that construes as ‘cooking’?

Etc., etc. The fact is, I do make it from scratch. There’s no secret, and if I can do it, yes, anyone can do it. Trust me on that. I just follow this recipe. That being said, I’ll outline it step by step for those who fear that this is too daunting.

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Veggie Food: Yves Veggie Corn Dogs

Time for more veggie stuff. Although few ever truly accept that I’m vegetarian (being 6’5″ and 235lbs), I am. Deal with it.

I was walking through the aisles of the local supermarket and spotted this. As I’m not in the mood to cook tonight, thought I’d try it.

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