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Guitar: Progress After Four Months

Oh hello.

Yeah, I’m around. No, not posting much. Yeah, I’m well. Yup, keeping busy.

So after roughly four months of lessons and practice, this is where I am in terms of learning the guitar. I’ve had a couple of people wanting to hear what it is I’m learning, so here’s one of four pieces which I’m currently engaging.

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Luis Feu de Mesquita Ukaferri (Updated with Video)

It’s here!

I just got back from picking up the ukulele from the luthier. On the way home I stopped in a park, played a little, took the pics below, then went for lunch. After this update I’ll be playing for quite some time… this instrument is incredible. The tone, the feel, the action, the… everything. I am impressed. Very impressed.

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More Ukulele Talk


Long week. Lots of fires to put out this week at work. But it’s over and am enjoying a lazy Saturday morning.

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Ukulele Hunting (Updated)

So I’ve been saving up for a tenor ukulele (the generally accepted types are soprano (what I have now), concert (slightly larger/louder than the soprano), tenor (more volume and bass but, more importantly, longer fretboard, the whole instrument is about 4″ longer than a soprano) and baritone (a mini guitar, 50% loner than a soprano and often with different tuning).

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