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Review: Ameritage Custom Guitar Case

Disclaimer: This customer guitar case was paid for at full retail price as a regular customer using the regular sales channel/process. 

I’ve just received my Ameritage custom guitar case. Huzzah!

I had been using a the mini-jumbo Tric case, which was the closest to my guitar’s size. It was a little too tight at the width of the lower bout and too long, but it provided some protection. After poking about online, I decided to take a chance on the Ameritage case.

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Guitar: Progress After Four Months

Oh hello.

Yeah, I’m around. No, not posting much. Yeah, I’m well. Yup, keeping busy.

So after roughly four months of lessons and practice, this is where I am in terms of learning the guitar. I’ve had a couple of people wanting to hear what it is I’m learning, so here’s one of four pieces which I’m currently engaging.

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