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Burmese Elections

The recent municipal elections in Toronto were about bike lanes, budget deficits, debts, social programs. Ads were accusing of other candidates “destroying” the city with their proposed plans. “Vote for me” said some candidates “for I care”. “Don’t vote for them” others proclaimed “for they don’t care”. Dire times indeed.

Burma Myanmar Burma will soon be holding its first national elections in twenty years. My first glimpse at this country was by reading Orwell’s works such asĀ Burmese Days, Shooting an Elephant and A Hanging. At the time it was a British colony, humans were worthless resources used to obtain valuable resources. Orwell managed to successfully convey Rudyard Kipling’s “white man’s burden” sentiment, where the colonials felt like they had the burden of civilizing the ‘natives’ and weren’t understood. It is important to note that Orwell managed to convey this while simultaneously demonstrating how wrong it was. A decidedly complicated relationship ensued (as seen in the “what have the romans ever done for us?!” scene in Monty Python’s Life of Brian).

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Have You Asked ‘WTF?!’ Today?

Global warming. I mean, climate change. Wait, has the term been changed again? So many policies, so little time.

The world is reportedly changing. Only a handful of people (when considering the population of the planet) have been measuring the water levels of tides, the temperatures, the behaviour of migratory animals, the health of animal populations and other indicators of portentous changes. In short, we’ve to take their word for it (you know, this article may not lead to where you might think).

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