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Diary (I)

Still dealing with the regular work schedule after returning from holidays (went on a motorcycle trip to the Cabot Trail for 8 days). What? Pictures?


So yeah, trying to get back to the swing of things. So tired. Doesn’t help that work was very slow… or maybe it’s ’cause I do my work too fast. I don’t know. And no, I’m not complaining, just outlining my day. When a day is tough, ask yourself:

After work I came home, made myself dinner (carrots and tofu in a homemade Szechuan sauce on soba noodles) that I downed with a bottle of ┬álime Perrier (glass? I don’ts needs no stinking glass!). Then, as per every Thursday since February, I attended a webmeeting at 7pm (although it’s usually at 8pm) (the timing is due to the time zones of the offices involved). I was only half awake, but took my notes like a good boy, answered questions when they were put to me. Afterwards I finished watching some Doctor Who (Tom Baker years!) and now I’m typing this.

I shall endeavour to craft a more entertaining post next time.


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