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Community and Time

The recent riots in the UK were, in my opinion, a disturbingly accurate glimpse at the state of mind of today’s youth. Not just in England. Everywhere in the industrialized world. The ¬†available reports indicate that armed police shot and killed a 29-year-old man. Recent Independent Police Complaints Commission statements appear support the family’s early comment that he did not shoot at the police. The early protests to bring attention to Mark Duggan’s killing at the hands of police triggered ¬†the animation of a subterfuge flowing in the undercurrents of people’s minds, one that has been evident but repressed for years.

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Up-selling. I need new wiper blades for my car, I walk out with a new car. Ok, ok, I’ll stop the hyperboles. We’ve all been there. A salesperson suggesting additions to your purchase that, later, you realize you really did not need.

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Have You Asked ‘WTF?!’ Today?

Global warming. I mean, climate change. Wait, has the term been changed again? So many policies, so little time.

The world is reportedly changing. Only a handful of people (when considering the population of the planet) have been measuring the water levels of tides, the temperatures, the behaviour of migratory animals, the health of animal populations and other indicators of portentous changes. In short, we’ve to take their word for it (you know, this article may not lead to where you might think).

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