Diary (XIV)

April 02

Saturday. The week was ‘meh’ but all in all I’d be a fool to complain. Woke up, went for a run (about bloody time, I know). Did 3k in just under 20 minutes. Now that the weather’s nice will try to run at least twice a week.

After an appointment (chiro) I met up with some friends for brunch. There were two vegetarian dishes (i.e. not requiring some change to the dish which means I miss out on something) (note: I ignore any dishes that are predominantly mushrooms. Mushrooms are evil (relevant line at 1:45)) on the menu – grilled veggie sandwich (really? seriously? of all the possible options you guys go with throwing vegetables onto a meat-filled grill?) and macaroni and cheese. Oh and the french toast. Which was a “smores” one today. French toast covered in melted chocolate and large marshmallows. I went for the mac and cheese. It was decent. Afterwards we all shared the french toast. It was decent.

From the restaurant I rode my motocyclette to High Park where I read and busted out the camera.

This is an aeroplane. It flies. I took a picture of one.

This is a bird flying very high. To the naked eye it was a speck. Teeny tiny. Blows my mind how these high-flying predators can see a chipmunk from hundreds of metres up. Personally, I don’t think they can. They’re just gloating. As you can see, I’m playing with the telephoto zoom lens.

And this is a tree. True story. It was planted in the ground and all. When I passed this tree, it reminded me of King’s Quest. This is where I’d expect to find a small treasure. Or a key. I looked, but, alas, there was nothing in the hole. I was inconsolable for about fifteen seconds. Then I saw a squirrel. After that, all was right in the world again.

That’s right. I went to High Park, took a picture of an aeroplane (I’m serious, they fly), a bird you can hardly make out, and a tree. I know, I know. I should let National Geographic hire me, but there are only so many hours in the day.

I’m now going to… I dunno. I’m going to do something. Tag. You’re it.


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2 responses to “Diary (XIV)

  1. Rene Sorensen

    April 2, 2011 at 18:27

    But, I am still “IT” from a game of tag from 1997!!

    • Laouik

      April 2, 2011 at 18:29

      You might have it confused with being the hider in a game of hide and seek in 1997… and no one finding you.

      Insert coming out of the closet joke here.


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