Pointless Stories (IV)

February 14

He averted his eyes for fear that she’d be unsettled by him looking at her. She looked so good. The outfit (colourful but not flamboyant, well fitted without a hint of promiscuity). The hair. Her glasses. He even noticed her shoes. He never noticed shoes. He willed his eyes away from her and back to the book he was reading, afraid that if she caught him staring at her she’d roll her eyes.

She looked up and he was reading a book. Why didn’t the nice, attractive guys ever look at her? Why was it always the punks, the old men, the needlessly aggressive idiots? She wanted to know what he was reading… but he didn’t even notice her.


That son of a bitch didn’t even keep the door open. ¬†Look at him. Fancy tan wool coat. Doesn’t care about anything around him. What, he’s better than me? He can’t look around and keep a fucking door open? Asshole.

I can’t believe I managed to get this coat! Half price… it looks so amazing. I feel… renewed. I think I now finally understand now what they mean when they say that the clothes make the man. Why look at me! I hope the cashier didn’t see the holes in the other one when she put it in the corner to discard it for me. Can’t believe it lasted six winters, though. Now let’s see how it keeps me warm. Hrm… that guy behind me’s typing on his cellphone. Nevermind. Warm coat is warm.


He had spent forty minutes convincing his boss to give the customer a break. After all he had been a customer for about ten years. He was sick and tired of seeing his boss giving freebies to his friends or people who might return a favour elsewhere. It was time that someone who deserved a break got one. He had wished he could have talked his boss to a lower price, but $2,500 for a new transmission, installed really wasn’t bad. The last guy had to pay $4,000… Money might make the world go round, but profits makes people forget their humanity sometimes.

He couldn’t believe it. He brought his car in for an illuminated light on the dash and that was a cue for $2,500? He vowed never to return. He’ll see if he can get a better deal elsewhere… this was ludicrous. They at least better include a rental car. Thieves. The lot of ’em. And this guy talked like he was doing him a favour! The gall… Obviously loyalty gets you nowhere these days.


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2 responses to “Pointless Stories (IV)

  1. Erin

    February 23, 2011 at 23:36

    Of those I’ve read, this is my favourite of your posts. Parts of it bring to mind the notion of the fundamental attribution error: attributing the behaviour of others to internal, stable influences. Additionally, I think you’ve represented the contrast in perspective well. It’s a powerful piece, and has certainly caused me to stop and think, whether or not you had intended to make such an impact.

    • Laouik

      February 24, 2011 at 09:47

      Thank you! After something happened at work I started observing people and their reactions on the way home resulting in this little blurb.


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