Diary (VI)

November 24

Stopped at a red light, the person beside me has their head haunched at a specific angle, looking somewhere between their steering wheel and their knee. All of the other cars depart, they remain. The driver behind this vehicle gives a little honk in the hopes of nudging them out of their daydream. Now no longer captivated by the glow of their fancy phone, the driver looks into their rear view mirror. They do not like being told what to do. In my rear view they are clearly giving the middle finger to the car behind them. They remain stopped defiantly. Forty cars lined up behind have drivers  performing a synchronized facepalm.

A driver is in the left lane on a busy four-lane highway. It is morning rush hour. They want to go faster. The speed limit is 100. The flow of traffic is about 105. They check their clock.  They check the lane to their right. That lane is going faster. There’s just enough room. They simultaneously press the accelerator to full throttle, signal and swerve into this lane. 200 cars behind see their driver slam on the brake. From a helicopter above a pilot observes a coordinated wave of red lights stretching over a kilometer.

The traffic is at a standstill. Four lanes but barely any movement. The on-ramp to the right is largely vacant. Cars are leaving their lane to use this on-ramp and move ahead a few car lengths, only creating their own line-up on the on-ramp. As they try to force their way back into the highway, they cause that lane to slow down even more so that they can be accommodated. It does not matter that they slow down hundreds of cars in the process of getting ahead a few meters.


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