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Waddesdon Manor

In mid-September (I know, I know, I’ve been lazy) I visited Waddesdon Manor. It’s a mansion built by the Rotshchilds (who made their money as bankers to various royal figures) in the last quarter of the 19th century. Ferdinand de Rothschild basically wanted a party house near-ish London, found land, built a Renaissance-style château. I mean, what’s one to do in one’s spare time? And chicks love mansions. On this little outing I was trying to get my mind back into photography, and as it happens it’s only after that I realise what would have been ideal images. But it’s all part of the process.



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New Adventures

Just a sign of life.

Well, it’s been two months now. Two months since I grabbed three suitcases, donating/selling everything else, and moving to England. I’ve not been posting on here but will start doing so.


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Toronto FanExpo Pictures (2014)

So decided to take a stroll into the Totonto FanExpo today with a couple of friends. Decided to take some pictures along the way. It was… uncomfortably busy. Everything was a fight and the main building’s HVAC couldn’t handle the volume of people walking in drenched from a torrential downpour. Not good.


Was a worthwhile experience, though.


Naturally, if anyone wants any of these pictures, just send me an e-mail.



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People as Music

As we plot our way through life, our perspective changes. When we first experience something, it’s like seeing a building for the first time. We see one side as we approach. Over time, seeing its four faces and learning its corridors gives us a different perspective. Depth. Where the building once only mattered because of its coffee shop on the ground floor, it now also hosts the doctor’s office and that person you hope to run into. On first seeing the building there’s no way you could ever grasp its reality. You can only grasp what you perceive. But over time you might get a chance to gain a better appreciation. Or you might never see it again.

What was previously dissociated datum becomes a constellation, constellations a universe. In the same way, as we get to know people, each encounter fills in a point on an axis. Kindness, humour, intelligence, anger, selfishness, wit, efficiency. The more encounters, the more depth to the perception. When I get to know someone well and consider them friends, it means that the occasional encounter that provides an “our of character” experience can be dismissed as an anomaly. Unfortunately, if my first encounter is of an anomaly in that person’s character, it may lead me to keep my distance. It’s a tricky thing.

In a similar way, as I come to appreciate a piece of music I might listen to it very frequently at first. Sometimes it’s the only thing I want to hear for days, weeks even months. Eventually, though, I move on. It’s rare that I make a conscious decision to not listen to something. Often, I just drift away and towards other things. Years later, however, I’ll stumble across a song. With it will come memories. Places, people, situations, emotions. Things which really have nothing to do with that song. They were experienced when that song was prominent in my daily life. Good memories lead to a smile, painful ones lead to changing the station. These personal memories which are technically unrelated to the aesthetic appreciation of a song can create a sort of cage around the aesthetic response to the music. That whole combined experience of the memory and the song itself, however, can be very powerful and not something I could ever have planned or expected. A song that was peremptorily dismissed as a silly pop number years ago can now bring nostalgia and, in tow, strong emotions.

People can be seen as a song, or better, an artist. I might go through a period where an artist’s works fall our of favour. I often don’t stop to analyse why that music doesn’t do it for me any longer; I just move on. Years later when I stumble across a certain album again, a rush of memories and emotions accompany the encounter and creates a singular synergy. Unexpected. Powerful. Unplanned.

What’s rarest, though, are artists whose works stay with me uninterrupted. Songs which never leave my playlists, music I consistently approach when in certain moods. They’re as precious as they are rare. It’s not often that I realize that I’ve been listening to one song for over twenty years and its power continues unabated.

The main difference between music and a person, however, is that music does not walk away of its own accord to leave me staring helplessly in the middle distance.



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Review: Ameritage Custom Guitar Case

Disclaimer: This customer guitar case was paid for at full retail price as a regular customer using the regular sales channel/process. 

I’ve just received my Ameritage custom guitar case. Huzzah!

I had been using a the mini-jumbo Tric case, which was the closest to my guitar’s size. It was a little too tight at the width of the lower bout and too long, but it provided some protection. After poking about online, I decided to take a chance on the Ameritage case.

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Visiting L.A.

More pictures. Enjoy.

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New Photo Blog!

Hello! Just a quick note that I’ve put up a photo blog on my freelancing website:

There’ll be new pictures at least five days a week between now and January – guaranteed!


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Performance and Origins

First, please take the time to watch this clip from Cirque du Soleil:

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Of Opinions and Orifices

It is not unusual for a person to express frustration about the way popular culture employs language or expresses themselves. Often, these statements are made by people who are more intent on defining their own perspective than denounce that of others. However it’s communicated in a way that’s clearly to ridicule the “masses”. Nascar, the Kardashians, Hollywood Blockbusters and numerous other things being peremptorily dismissed because of the belief that there can be nothing good or worthwhile in things that are so thoroughly produced and polished (though in some cases the polishing is done by different parties)(that was a cheap Kardashians joke). Though it seems that few argue that being popular within one’s own circle of influence is good. But I digress. Read the rest of this entry »


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Diary (XXI)

This week was another long one, but I’ve nought complain about.

There I go finishing another sentence with a preposition.

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