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Trans-Labrador Highway on Motorcycle

So, it’s done. This is my “there and back again” post. I did this trip between August 17 and August 30, 2012. My motorcycle is a 2008 Honda XL1000VA Varadero. A 6000km solo trip.

Note, I had a lot of trouble with my regular picture service/program when posting the images. As a result they’re just straight pictures, I apologize for the clumsy layout. Where applicable the mouse-over on a picture will bring up some thoughts on the picture.

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2012 Motorcycle Trip (Preparation) (Map Updated)

It’s on! Finally got approval form work Friday for the trip I’ve been thinking about for two years. The trip is a motorcycle, a camera and myself. See, there’s this place called Labrador of which I’ve heard. I’d like to see if it actually exists and what’s there. For numerous reasons, I’ll be keeping the dates to myself, but thought it would have value for some to have me document the preparation, the trip, the outcome.

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2011 Motorcycle Trip


So this year’s motorcycle trip was shorter (4,000kms rather than last year’s 5,500kms).

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Diary (XX)

Another long week. Yes, I’m still pissing off my colleagues by challenging their argumenta ad populum. Fuck NASCAR, fuck recommended daily doses AND the horse you rode in on (which I’ll videotape and share with Creative Commons rights attached).


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First Ride of 2011

So today I went on my first ride. Decided to go see what the Bruce Peninsula had to offer (right now: not much). By the time I got to about Wiarton there was snow a bit everywhere on the sides of the roads. Paths in Provincial and National parks in the area also had quite a bit of snow… boooo.

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Diary (I)

Still dealing with the regular work schedule after returning from holidays (went on a motorcycle trip to the Cabot Trail for 8 days). What? Pictures?


So yeah, trying to get back to the swing of things. So tired. Doesn’t help that work was very slow… or maybe it’s ’cause I do my work too fast. I don’t know. And no, I’m not complaining, just outlining my day. When a day is tough, ask yourself:

After work I came home, made myself dinner (carrots and tofu in a homemade Szechuan sauce on soba noodles) that I downed with a bottle of  lime Perrier (glass? I don’ts needs no stinking glass!). Then, as per every Thursday since February, I attended a webmeeting at 7pm (although it’s usually at 8pm) (the timing is due to the time zones of the offices involved). I was only half awake, but took my notes like a good boy, answered questions when they were put to me. Afterwards I finished watching some Doctor Who (Tom Baker years!) and now I’m typing this.

I shall endeavour to craft a more entertaining post next time.


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